PLUG project

The Plug Project is funded by Legal Aid Ontario and is implemented in two neighbourhoods – Scarborough and Rexdale.

The project will work with Black students and their parents/families to get connected to:


  • Information and Resources about School Disciplinary processes and Rights and Responsibilities of Students and Parents
  • Early identification of challenges and intervention by working with Black students and their parents/families as well as the school system
  • Provide direct legal services including advice and direct representation at hearings and advocacy before the Child Family Review Board.


The PLUG also works to assist Black students to enhance their success, by connecting them and their parents/caregivers to the proper and appropriate interventions and community services, i.e. academic support programs, employment, health support and much more through our primary and secondary partnerships. Our goal is to be that CONNECTION, to be that source of ENERGY.

It takes a village to raise a child.


Several studies have made it clear that Black students are at a greater risk of facing challenges within the school systems including:

  • Disproportionate Suspensions and Expulsions Rates
  • Higher School Drop-out Rates
  • Lower Academic Achievement
  • Racism and Discrimination

Additionally, studies have also shown that students and their parents/families do not have adequate knowledge, information and support on how to navigate the school systems and particularly the process for disciplinary measures including information about their rights and responsibilities.


The challenge faced by Black and racialized students and their parents/families are very complex as shown in the diagram below


Getting Started

Too much time we see services and don’t know who to contact start off the process for us

Download and fill out our client registration form and email it to or fax to (416)644.3542.

If faxing, create a title page stating: To: Nadine Sutherland, From: (Your Name & Contact Number), Re: The PLUG @ TAIBU CHC Community Programs

Facebook Page @ThePLUGT.O


Join Our Facebook Group @ThePLUG

Join the conversation on empowerment

The PLUG’s Facebook group to increase your chances of connecting, creating a transparent atmosphere for building understanding and empowering individuals. Post a question, start a discussion the PLUG’s Facebook group is utilized for questions and sharing posts to the community.



  • Nadine Sutherland Coordinator-Outreach Worker at Community Health Center  416.644.3539 ext 294 or
  • Tanya Iskierski Program Coordinator  416.734.5552 ext 2296 or
  • Silvia-Argentina Aruza School Support Supervisor at Ma’at Legal Services
  • Tony Jon Baptiste Program Manager at TAIBU Community Health Center  416.644.3539 ext236 or
  • George (Knia) Singh Lawyer at Ma’at Legal Services  416.754.9529 or


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External Materials

Far too often we see individuals’ rights being infringed upon the Ontario Justice Education Network works to provide communities and individuals with access to justice. Through providing an online source of informational materials and or workshop in schools and or communities OJEN works to build legal capabilities.

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) works to provide informational material on understanding your legal rights. By develop numerous easy access resources online CLEO act at a community legal clinic and works in partnership with other legal hub to provide accessible information to all communities as part of Ontario’s legal system.

OR Go straight to the Youth Criminal Law Link

Other Legal Resources Online Hubs

Your Legal Rights:

The ACLC addresses anti-Black racism and other forms of systemic and institutional discrimination. ACLC also works to provide communities and individuals with education about human rights and racial discrimination in Canada.


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