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Physical Activity

With the introduction of modern technology and convenience, our daily lives no longer require hard work like chopping wood or hauling water. We tend to sit for much of the day (e.g. driving, working at a computer and watch television).

In 2012, only 54% of Canadians reported being moderately active during their leisure time.

Being Physical active combined with healthy eating habits is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reducing risk factors for various chronic conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension, coronary heart disease and Anxiety & depression.

Being Active or Physical Activity/Exercise need not be serious. You can use dance, go swimming and walk or go for a hike. You can make it fun!

At TAIBU CHC we have implemented several culturally appropriate physical activity sessions such as Island Fusions, Caribbean Dance, Bollyfuze. These programs are well attended and are very successful.

In 2010, in partnership with the Black Health Alliance, TAIBU developed and implemented the Black Health Challenge (BHC). This is 14 week lifestyle intervention program that has two main parts – Education/Information and physical activity sessions.

In 2014, in order to reach out to the male population, TAIBU designed a version of the Black Health Challenge – The Black Men’s Health Challenge.

Currently TAIBU delivers several Physical Activity Programs at different locations throughout the GTA:

  • The Black Health Challenge @ Alexander Stirling PS
  • The Black Health Challenge @ Pearson Collegiate PS
  • Abs, Butt & Thighs @ East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club
  • Black Men’s Health Challenge

In addition to these active, high intensity physical activity sessions, the following exercise sessions are offered in the community

  • Yoga @ TAIBU CHC
  • Falls Prevention Exercise Classes @ TAIBU CHC


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After Hours

TAIBU operates after hours clinical services

If you need to speak to a doctor / a provider when our offices are closed (evenings & weekends)

Please call our clinic number 416.644.3536 and you will be directed to our after hours on call services.

Thank You.